fuck yeah fat vegans!

Jan 1

hotdog stuffed crust deep dish vegan pizza

1. use pre-made crust or make crust using this recipe: http://www.cooks.com/rec/view/0,2341,157183-233201,00.html 

this is an incredibly easy vegan dough that doesn’t use yeast and doesn’t need time to rise. i doubled the recipe to have enough to do the stuffed crust, and added italian seasoning for flavor. sprinkle flour on your rolling surface so the dough doesn’t stick and roll out about half of the dough to desired thickness. this will be the bottom of your pizza. 

2. quarter vegan hot dogs or sausages lengthwise and arrange around the outside edge of the crust. wet the crust lightly with water around the edges of the hotdogs. flatten out small balls of dough from your remaining dough ball, and cover hotdogs. pinch dough together on wetted edges until it sticks. cover hot dogs all the way around the edge of your crust. brush crust with olive oil.

3. top your pizza. since the hotdog-filled crust is pretty deep, be sure to pile it on.

4. bake for 15-20 mins at 400F. enjoy!