fuck yeah fat vegans!

Dec 1

on trigger warnings, safe space, and militant veganism: the fuckyeahfatvegans story

here at fuckyeahfatvegans we believe it’s important to post graphic images of animal abuse and torture because it reminds us of why we’re vegan. of COURSE it’s unpleasant to see these images, that’s the point. it can’t be all cute bunnies and pretty pictures of protein shakes. we try to mindfully create a mix of pretty and happy posts with horrible things because our lives are really diverse and we have a range of experiences every day. nobody spends all day experiencing only good or only bad things. there are cute animal specific blogs if you need a lift. the argument “i’m vegan so i don’t like to see these images” is ridiculous in our opinion. we of all people need to be reminded why we’re vegan. we need to continually fuel this fire. putting things behind cuts implicitly validates that it’s something that should not be seen or looked at. we believe EVERYONE (vegans and non-vegans alike) should see these images.

we must be a voice for the voiceless. 

when it come to trigger warnings, if we put them on posts they would not keep you from seeing the picture on your dashboard. we recognize that ptsd and trauma triggers are real and valid and that safe space is important for people who deal with that. however, this blog is not designed to be a safe space for those kinds of triggers. we are an anti-oppression space which means that we will discuss things that may trigger people who have experienced oppression. you can’t have both, you just can’t. as you can see from a lot of our posts, we already do include trigger warnings or reblog other people’s trigger warnings related to ptsd, trauma,and oppression.

we are abolitionist vegans. this means we are militant and resolute. we will not sugar coat or downplay animal torture and abuse. 

this has got us thinking that we need to make our beliefs on this issue clear so we will be creating a FAQ and putting a disclaimer on this blog  that states we will post graphic images from time to time. 

we have posted a variety of things on our blog over the past year that include graphic images of animal torture and abuse, nudity, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, fatphobia, ableism, sizeism, etc. the only thing we have ever received a complaint about is the graphic images of animal torture and abuse. oh, and comparing the dairy industry to rape. so, even on a vegan blog the most controversial thing is veganism. what is that about? something to think about. 

so despite our militancy we are open to having respectful conversations with people about the content that we post. we are open to being called out. if you wanted to talk to us about a serious issue in a respectful way, you could have done that. sending us a nasty personal message and then unfollowing us and talking shit on your own blog isn’t going to get you the things that you want in life. 

the graphic images of animal abuse and torture that we have been posting recently have been getting lots of good feedback. we’re glad to see there are other vegans who get why that is important. 

love and rage,