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Fat Mook: Request for Submissions

"Vignette Press is seeking new work for the latest in its acclaimed series of mooks. After The Sex MookThe Death Mook, and Geek Mook, comes Fat Mook.

In a climate where fat bodies are ridiculed, controlled, and feared, Fat Mook seeks to expand the ways we think about fat. We’re looking for work that says something both new and real about fat – work that is accessible but makes us think, that goes to hard places and takes us through them, that is ugly and beautiful and changes the way we breathe. We’re keen on art, photography, poetry, memoir, fiction, comics, non-fiction, and other innovative forms – surprise us!

We are looking for work that goes beyond stereotypes and broadens the existing take on fat. To this end, we particularly encourage contributions from people of colour, queer folk, gender diverse folk, disabled folk, and people from around the world. We also encourage submissions from men, as most fat work is written by women, but we welcome all submissions – we want to read your work.

Fat Mook will be the first collection of creative work on fat to be published in Australia.

Possible topics include but are in no way limited to:

  • Aesthetics – beauty, ugliness, the specificity of the fat body
  • Fashioning fat – clothing and adornment
  • Gender – identity and presentation
  • Food – eating while fat, the care and feeding of the fat body, fat vegans and other alternative foodways
  • Health and illness – fat athletes, finding movement, dealing with illness
  • Sexuality – sex, love, dating, and attraction
  • Activism – community, performance, DIY, resisting anti-fat messages
  • Space – built environments, safe spaces, comfort
  • Fat characters – write one that’s new and different and real; fat lives
  • Alternate realities and imagined worlds”

This looks like an awesome opportunity! Check out the link for more info on submission guidelines and contact information. (Also, I had to look this up on their website, but mook is a combo of book and magazine. I hope I’m not the only one who had to look that up.)